Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lisa Rinna Playboy Pics (NSFW)

I like to keep track of what posts here are popular and was a little surprised to see that this post from late last year has garnered a fair amount of traffic over the past week.

As a result I've decided to go ahead and post the pics that people seem to be seeking out. Said pics are of Lisa Rinna's playboy spread from the May 2009 issue. I would usually edit the pics to hide any nudity on the main page but let's be honest here, it's Saturday and I'm too lazy to do so.

Not to mention if you're really that offended by nudity then you need to pull your thumb out of your ass and grow up. I'd also like to point out that Lisa Rinna is 46 years old, a mother of 2 and still her body is redonkulous (airbrushed or not).